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    Latest Activities

    Ontario Masonic Education Conference - Fall 2014

    Saturday, September 27, 2014

    Humber College North Campus, 203 Humber College Boulevard., Toronto

    Come and enjoy a day of interesting and inspiring speakers in the midst of Masonic fellowship and learning!

    Speaker and Registration information coming soon

    Grand Master's Message - June 2014

    GM Don Campbell ColourIt just seems like yesterday the DDGM of the 44 Districts assumed their office.  It is hard to believe how quickly the year has passed.  To all the brethren who received Past Rank this year and those who will receive it on “July 17”, it is not time to retire.  You must continue to work for Freemasonry.  It is critical that our Past Grand Lodge Officers retain, renew and revitalize their role.   No one said being a Past Grand Lodge Officer was an easy position, it takes work, and your work is not done!  Your lodge, your district and even Grand Lodge needs your extensive experience for training junior members.  Junior members should not be training new members.

    Remember, from the moment an apprentice enters into a Lodge, it is impressed upon him that his duty is not to himself, but to his family and his fellow man and his community.  The brethren in our lodges are concerned with developing themselves morally and spiritually in order to become better people.  We are members of a unique worldwide fraternal organization that we should be very proud to be a member.   Where else in the world, if not in our Lodges, can people from all races, religions, socioeconomic levels of society work together in perfect harmony and equality.

    As Masons we are the ones who can make a change.  We can influence society and point it in the right direction in a positive way.  Masonic wisdom encourages us to judge our performance in every aspect of our lives against certain standards.  We insist that our members respect and honour both the spirit and the letter of the law of the country in which we live and also to encourage all brethren to fulfill their personal responsibilities, both private and public.  We ought to be the examples of good order and regularity, because it is only by own conduct that we can reasonably expect compliance from others.  
    Truly, the sun never sets on Freemasonry.  It’s working all the time both within and without our many lodges.  The great work of keeping Freemasonry together as a smooth working machine is due to the continued efforts of our Grand Secretary and his staff.  The vast amount of voluntary work done by our Grand Lodge Chairmen, Team Leaders and committee members, all working together, devoting their time to preside over the many initiatives to advance Freemasonry in Ontario.  These brethren with their indefatigable interest has earned the honours and respect they truly deserve.  We are thankful for and their commitment to the Craft and the brethren they serve. 

    In today’s social media networking, we need to use all available mediums, including the Grand Lodge Website.  But, we must remember that social media is a great tool to get us to a meeting, but social media is not a place to hold a meeting.  We need that face to face contact.  We have the material to educate members about the most important aspects of Freemasonry, that is, education and a learning institution.  We’re great at gathering material but we have to improve disseminating it. 

    Candidates, young and old are showing an interest in Freemasonry and are on a quest of searching for something that society is not providing them.  They are searching for knowledge and a system that will provide it for them.  They know more about Freemasonry before they petition a Lodge than have any of their predecessors.  It is now up to us to provide for them for what they are searching for.  Each one of them, as we do, want to be a member of a quality organization and that is what Freemasonry must continue to be.

    Masonry for each of us is exactly what we make it, the directing impelling power within us.  We can make it an instrument of almost unbounded good to ourselves and those around us.  Brethren, as we move on, let’s be the Mason you want Grand Lodge to represent. 

    Donald A. Campbell
    Grand Master

    Masonic Foundation of Ontario

    London Regional Cancer Program (LRCP)
    Prostate Cancer Tour Jan. 16, 2014

    Your Foundation Dollars at Work

    On Thursday, Jan. 16, a number of the Directors of the Masonic Foundation of Ontario were privileged to participate in a tour of the London Regional Cancer Program’s Prostate Cancer facilities at the London Health Sciences Centre.

    The following members of the Masonic Foundation were in attendance: President A. Douglas Nichols, Dr. David Cameron, Mr. Garry Dowling, Mr. Patrick McGrenere, Mr. Ed Standish, Dr. Charles Woods and our Deputy Grand Master, Mr. John Green.
    We were accompanied on the tour by two private donors, Mrs. Sheila Reynolds and Mr. John Reynolds.

    The tour was organized and directed by two members of the London Health Sciences Foundation, Jackie Ellefsen and Pam Taylor.

    Prostate Cancer Tour Jan. 16, 2014

    Photo (left to right)
    Back Row: Dr. Charles Woods, Doug Nichols (MFO Foundation President), Patrick McGrenere, Dr. David Cameron, Ed Standish, Garry Dowling
    Front Row: Aaron Ward, Leonard Luyt, Mrs. Sheila Reynolds, Mr. John Reynolds, John Green (Deputy Grand Master)
    Missing: Dr. Glenn Bauman, Jackie Ellefsen, Pam Taylor 

    Third Annual Toronto Humber Valley District Turkey Giveaway

    On December 21, 2013, the Toronto Humber Valley masons gave away 503 turkeys to those less fortunate before Christmas. Our partner, Vito's No Frills cooked 1000 pancakes for all in attendance. The first year we started with a goal of 100 turkeys, but through fundraising efforts, we were able to purchase 215 turkeys and distribute them. The second year we gave away 302 turkeys.

    THV 2013 Turkey Give-a-Way 1

    This initiative was started by W.Bro. Darren Dunlop in 2011 and we should continue to support this worthy cause. Giving is what allows us to accomplish things far beyond ourselves; and accomplishing great things through ourselves - and others!

    This years event was a true collaborative effort from the District brethren in fundraising, promotion, logistics, set up, and parking/traffic. I am truly grateful to my brethren and thank them for making this event a continued success.  Read more...

    Masons of Ontario Donate over $44K to Camp Trillium

    Camp Trillium - Childhood Cancer Support Center

    CampTrilliumAt a presentation Ceremony held at Camp Trillium, Rainbow Lake (Waterford, Ontario), on Dec 10 2013, Past Grand Master, M. W. Bro. D. Garry Dowling presented a cheque to Camp Trillium on behalf of the Masons of Ontario, in the amount of $44,531.88.

    CampTrilliumPresentation-13-12-10aM. W. Bro. Dowling selected Camp Trillium to be the recipient of the Grand Master’s Project during his term as Grand Master July 2011 to July 2013. During that time, Brethren from across the Province made donations to the project, via the Masonic Foundation of Ontario, on behalf M.W. Bro. Dowling and his Lady Wendy. Donations came from individual Masons, Lodges, and Districts in Ontario.

    Photo (left to right): V.W. Bro. Wayne Barker, R.W. Bro. Ray Charles, Marci Shea-Perry, R.W. Bro. A Doug Nichols, M.W. Bro. Garry Dowling.

    M.W. Bro. Dowling, accompanied by R.W. Bro. A. Douglas Nichols, President of the Masonic Foundation of Ontario, made the presentation on a beautiful sunny afternoon, at the Rainbow Lake Camp facility, to Marci Shea-Perry, Executive Director of Camp Trillium. Marci has been involved with Camp Trillium for approximately 25 years.
    Accompanying M.W. Bro. Dowling and Wendy were R.W. Bro. Raymond Charles, Lady Margaret and V.W. Bro. Wayne Barker and Lady Jill. Both had served as Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies during M.W. Bro. Dowling’s term. After the ceremony, Marci led the group on a tour of the Camp’s facilities.  Read more...

    On-Line Version Ontario Mason Magazine Launches!

    The Ontario Mason Magazine Team and the Communications Committee are extremely pleased to announce the re-introduction of the Ontario Mason Magazine (OMM), in its new on-line format.

    Ontario Mason Magazine - 2014 Winter

    Ontario Mason Magazine - 2013 Fall

    We hope that you enjoy the team’s first effort; it has been a huge undertaking and it certainly has been a learning process for us all. As we move forward with the creation of the Winter Issue, we pledge to you that the team will seek improvement every issue.   Read more...

    Masonic brethren receive Queens Diamond Jubilee medal

    On the 8th March 2013. A number of Members of the Peel Regional Police Service were recognised by the Governor Generals Office, as recipients of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal. The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal was awarded to Canadians who have made significant contributions or distinguished service to their fellow citizens, to their community and to their country. The Diamond Jubilee Medal also marks the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth IIʼs accession to the Throne as Queen of Canada. Throughout 2012, an astounding 60,000 deserving Canadians were recognized for this high honour.

    Among those officers who received the medal, five are masonic brethren

    Peel Regional Police Diamond Jubilee Award Winners

    Bro. Steven Kemley, of Sunnylea Lodge, No.664. W. Bro. Wayne Omardeen, Bro. Donald Jorgensen, Both of Unity Lodge, No. 710. Bro.Thomas Murray, of Harris Lodge, No. 216. W.Bro.Jeffrey Baker of Wellington Square Lodge No.725.


    The medal was designed by the Canadian Heraldic Authority and manufactured by the Royal Canadian Mint. It displays the crowned image of Queen Elizabeth II on the front, with recognition of the sixtieth diamond anniversary of her Sovereign’s accession to the Throne on the reverse.

    Diamond Jubilee Medal Large

    Conference of Grand Masters of North America

    Recognizes MasoniCh.I.P. Ontario

    MasoniChIP Service Award 2013On Feb 18, at the Conference of Grand Masters of North America, the Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario was presented with an Outstanding Service Award by Masonichip International.

    The Award was presented by M.W. Bro. Denny Robinson, PGM and President of Masonichip International and accepted by M.W. Bro. D. Garry Dowling, Grand Master, Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario.

    Approximately 10 such awards were presented to Grand Lodges throughout North America to honour outstanding achievements and success in identifying and educating children in collaboration with the Masonichip International program.

    M.W. Bro. D. Garry Dowling was delighted to accept the Award on behalf of all the Officers of Masonichip Ontario and the many, many Masonic Volunteers and their Ladies who assist in all facets of our programme across Ontario. To date, this programme has enabled over 51,000 Child Identification Kits to be produced in Ontario for parents and guardians.

    The National Center for Exploited and Missing Children in the United States, states:

    "MasoniCh.I.P. is one of the most comprehensive child
    recovery and identification programs in the nation."

    Please visit the MasoniCh.I.P. Ontario website for further details of this wonderful programme (

    D. Garry Dowling,
    Grand Master

    Ontario Masons’ Child Identification Program Celebrates 4th Anniversary!

    Over 42,000 child ID kits have been provided free of charge to families in Ontario!  Even though it is our hope that no parent should ever need to use their kit, Masons remain committed to providing this comprehensive program “just in case”.  Read more...

    Making a Difference with Prostate Cancer Canada!

    Last week, the Masonic Foundation of Ontario presented Prostate Cancer Canada with a cheque for $20,250 – this on top of their incredible financial support in 2009.  A special thank you to the Masonic Foundation of Ontario for supporting the Prostate Cancer Canada mission and vision and for enabling us to increase awareness of this disease, a disease which will affect 1 in 6 Canadian men in their lifetime.  Read more...

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